Come, Come Ye Saints

Orig. Performed By: NA
Arranged By: Amy Whitcomb & Catherine Papworth
Solo: Katie Jensen, Kelsey Raps, Amy Whitcomb

Fixit Men

Orig. Performed By: Jesca Hoop
Arranged By: Jesca Hoop (trans. Kaity McGuire)
Solo: Katie McGuire (07-08), Camri Copier (07-08), Kelsey Raps (09-10), Katie Jensen (09-11), Cassie Crabb (10-11)

Happy Ending

Orig. Performed By: MIKA
Arranged By: Amy Whitcomb & Erica Neuffer
Solo: Courtney Jensen (08-10), Katie Jensen (10-11)

Hold On

Orig. Performed By: Wilson Phillips
Arranged By: Amy Whitcomb
Solo: Kelsey Pratt (09-10), Laina Walker (10-11)

How Great Thou Art

Orig. Performed By: Noteworthy
Arranged By: Catherine Papworth
Solo: Camille Hancock (05-07), Catherine Papworth (05-06), Courtney Jensen (06-09), Michelle Osmond (07-08), Catherine Cooley (08-09), Siri Alemany (09-10), Laina Walker (10-11), Cassie Crabb (10-11)

Into The West

Orig. Performed By: Annie Lennox (Lord of the Rings)
Arranged By: Dan Dunn
Solo: Rosa Parma (04-05), Camille Hancock (05-07), Nabby Parkinson (07-08), Katie Jensen (10-11)

Isn't She Lovely?

Orig. Performed By: Stevie Wonder
Arranged By: Catherine Papworth & David Anderson
Solo: Ashley Tanabe (05-06), Nabby Parkinson (06-07), Cassie Crabb (09-10, 10-11)


Orig. Performed By: Chordettes
Arranged By: Noteworthy
Solo: NA

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Orig. Performed By: Stevie Wonder
Arranged By: Ghoti Anderson
Solo: Catherine Papworth (05-06), Kaity McGuire (06-07), Brooke Weenig (10-11)

Star-Spangled Banner

Orig. Performed By: NA
Arranged By: Dave Brown
Solo: NA

White Christmas

Orig. Performed By: The Drifters
Arranged By: Kelsey Pratt
Solo: Kristen Metzger, Sara Parkinson, Brooke Weenig

Winter Wonderland

Orig. Performed By: Jason Mraz
Arranged By: Taylor Olson
Solo: Taylor Olson

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